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Equipment Loans


  • Rowing Ergometers
  • Weights


  • A member can ask for multiple pieces of equipment. Limit one ergometer per household.
  • In cases where the demand exceeds supply, we will hold a random lottery. The order in which the applications are received before the deadline is irrelevant.
  • All members will get at least one item loaned out before we allow members to get a second item.
  • All members are eligible, except for month to month junior members, and priority will be given to full year members, and juniors who are determined by the Head Junior Coach to have a reasonable shot at or are on track to do well at the NRCs.
  • There is no deposit required for the equipment loaned.
  • Photograph(s) of the equipment and any serial number/identifying feature will be recorded before the equipment leaves the premises. In the case of the ergs, lifetime meters will be recorded.
  • Any equipment early returns will be offered to the members on the waiting list.


Equipment Use & Care

We want to ensure the equipment loaned out is being used, and we would like for the members that may have not had a chance to get some equipment themselves, to see it going to a good use.


To that end, we want each member with the loaned equipment to do one of these at least once a week:

  • Be on a video call with a coach, where they are observed using the equipment.
  • Post to social media (e.g., Argos Facebook page), an indication that they’re using the equipment (e.g., the screenshot of the erg monitor)


Equipment should be stored indoors and maintained according to manufacturers recommendations.


Pick up

  • Members are responsible for picking up the equipment themselves, within 3 days of allocation. After that, it will be offered to another member.
  • The club will arrange for a way for the pick up to happen one person at a time.
  • Each member should wear gloves and a mask (or equivalent) while in the club house, retrieving the equipment.



  • Any loaned out equipment must be returned to the club within 7 days of the club asking for it back, June 30th at the latest.  After that, the member in question will be invoiced for the full retail value of a new replacement.
  • A member that has not returned loaned equipment cannot go back on the water (once the docks are open again).
  • The equipment must be returned in the original (or better) condition, thoroughly cleaned (including chain maintenance for the ergs), new batteries in the case of ergs, and placed in the same location from which it was originally picked up (e.g., no piling up ergs on the dock or in the weight room).
  • Early return can be arranged with a 7 day notice.


Possible Program Extension

In a case of not being able to get back on the water on July 1st, the program may be extended another three months. This will be determined based on the success of the program.


In the case of extensions, another wave of applications and lottery will be held, and priority will be given to members which had no equipment loaned out to them.