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Argonaut Rowing Club Membership Agreement

Membership Application and Membership Agreement

To the President and Directors of the Argonaut Rowing Club:

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood and that I agree to abide by this Membership Agreement, the Club Code of Conduct, all Rules, the By-laws and Policies of the Argonaut Rowing Club including, but not limited to, the ARC Harassment Policy, the Safety Policy of the ARC, the Regulations of the Canadian Coast Guard and the Regulations of Transport Canada.

I understand and accept that it is my responsibility (as per Coast Guard regulations) to have the following required safety equipment either in my shell or in a coach boat accompanying my shell, failing which I will pay any fines issued for failure to adhere to the safety rules and guidelines: one life jacket for each rower or cox; one tow rope; one bailer; a whistle or sounding horn; and one navigation light (flashlight). I agree that a violation of the safety rules and guidelines may result in the suspension or termination of my membership and privileges with the Argonaut Rowing Club.

I understand and accept that it is my responsibility to ensure all my fees have been paid in full (including membership, regatta and any other fees) and all information has been received by the ARC prior to deadlines for membership and regatta registrations. I understand that membership may be denied until prior year debts have been settled.

I understand and consent that certain of my personal information will be made available to Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) and ROWONTARIO.

I agree to participate fully on a committee that I have indicated an interest in helping with.

I acknowledge that my membership fees and all other fees paid to the ARC are non-refundable.

I agree and acknowledge that I undertake any activity, including rowing, weight and fitness training entirely at my own risk, and that I am medically fit to undertake such activity.

I agree and acknowledge that rowing is a competitive sport and that if I choose to compete for a space in one of the competitive crews, I will do so with the understanding and full acceptance that the Argonaut Rowing Club does not guarantee that I will succeed in being selected for a competitive program or by the coach of my preferred crew.

I agree that the ARC is not responsible for any personal injury sustained by myself or any other person, or for the loss or damage to any property which I have brought to the premises including but not limited to privately owned boats, racks or oars, personal items or other equipment, whether caused by theft, during transportation or by any other cause, including negligence of the ARC or any of its members, coaches, servants, agents or contractors.