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Argonaut Racing Gear and Regatta Sport

The Argonaut Rowing Club works with Regatta Sport to produce our club racing uniform in our official club colours, Oxford and Cambridge Blues, as stipulated by the club by-laws. 

Some uniform pieces are not available from the ARGO Store but instead available by custom order through Regatta Sport. For example:

  1. Racing Uni (Unisuit)
  2. Double Blue Speed Shirts
  3. Crew Jackets
  4. Velocity Jacket and Vest
  5. Argonaut RC branded Shorts and Leggings

These items are made available to order 4 times a year. A communication will be sent out by email to notify members when orders are due.

  1. For Spring: End of January
  2. For Summer: End of April
  3. For Fall: End of July
  4. For Winter/Christmas: End of October

Regatta Sport also offers standard stock items all year to complete our uniform:

  1. Navy shorts and tights (by-laws stipulate navy bottoms for racing)

Delivery is generally 4 weeks with some items needing additional manufacturing time.