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ARC Guest Coaching Program

The Guest Coaching Program (established summer 2018) is offered for Club members who do not, through their program, have access to a paid coach. This includes members in the following programs: Learn To Train (LTT), Club and Masters. The following programs have access to paid coaches: U19 (Juniors), U23/Seniors. Consequently, the Guest Coaching Program is targeted at members in the LTT, Club and Masters programs.

Guest Coaching will be offered during the rowing season every two weeks, or some other time frequency depending on the availability of the Guest Coaches.

  • Guest Coaches are not meant to replace, but complement volunteer Club and Masters coaches (such as they currently exist).
  • Guest Coaches come at a fixed time, for example a weekend morning or afternoon, for 3 – 4 hours, review crews on the water, provide feedback, suggest workouts/drills for whoever signed up for coaching support. Guest Coaches can also do on-land workshops such as rigging, coxing, etc.
  • Planning, scheduling and coordination of the Guest Coaches is managed by the Adult Rowing Manager who organizes the process, specifies deliverables, arranges dates (including accommodation / meals), advertises to membership, etc.
  • Some Guest Coaches may require overnight accommodation. Ideally, this will be arranged as a billet, to save on costs. The farther in advance that this is arranged, the more likely it will be possible to provide an opportunity for a member (from any program) to benefit from the wisdom of the Guest Coach in a casual environment.
  • Guest Coaches requiring overnight accommodation may also arrive in time for a meal the night before. Again, this will provide an opportunity for members from any program to have dinner with the Guest Coach (ideally in a group setting).
  • Guest Coaches who have participated in the past include: Nancy Storrs, Michelle Darvill, Jamie Bell, Volker Nolte, Dave Leger and Paul Beedling.